Opti-Nail Fungal Nail Repair improves the appearance of nails damaged or discolored by fungus starting in just 2 days. The clinically proven, quick drying, triple action formula lightens, smooths, and moisturizes for clearer, healthier looking nails. No other product has the unique nail brightening formulation or no-mess pen applicator of Opti-Nail™ Fungal Nail Repair.

No other product has the unique nail brightening formulation or no-mess pen applicator of Opti-Nail Fungal Nail Repair.

Plus, Opti-Nail is clinically proven to start showing results in JUST 2 DAYS. Kerasal claims to start improving nail appearance in 1 week*

Opti-Nail also dries faster than Kerasal.**

*Based on Kerasal published data and product label claim.

**Based on cosmetologist evaluation of drying time compared to leading brand.

Opti-Nail restores a healthier appearance to nails and begins to whiten and clarify with visible results starting in just 2 days. Even though you may see nail appearance start to improve in 2 days, for optimal results use Opti-Nail twice daily for 4 weeks, then once daily after that to maintain healthy appearance of nails. It may take several weeks or months before you achieve your desired results.

Follow the directions on the product carton and insert. Remove the cap from the mess-free pen applicator and place tip of the pen on nail surface. Press down to dispense product. Apply a thin layer of product across the entire nail surface twice daily (morning and evening). The nail surface may appear wet. Avoid applying product to the skin around the nail. Allow nail to dry. Recap pen tightly after each use. After 4 weeks, apply once daily as needed to maintain look. Depending on the severity of the discoloration, longer application may be needed to achieve full effect.

Helpful Tips:

  • Remove nail polish before applying Opti-Nail.

  • Use a cotton swab to remove excess solution from the cuticles and the skin of the toe or finger.

  • After application, allow the nail to dry for a few minutes before putting on socks or shoes.

Apply to the affected nail(s) twice daily for the first four weeks and once daily thereafter, until you have achieved the desired look.

Since Opti-Nail works on the nail surface, nail polish will need to be removed in order for the product to improve nail appearance and achieve the desired results.

Opti-Nail does not treat, cure or prevent fungal infections but can help improve the appearance of nails damaged by nail fungus starting in just 2 days.

Consult with your doctor prior to use if you’re pregnant or breastfeeding.

Apply Opti-Nail only to the nail surface and avoid applying the product to skin around the nail. Irritation may occur if you apply Opti-Nail to damaged skin. Also, avoid contact with eyes and mucus membranes.