Ugly Fungal

Opti-Nail® is the only product that starts
improving nail appearance in just
2 Days

Triple Action Formula

  • ✔ Lightens
  • ✔ Smooths
  • ✔ Moisturizes

Clinically Proven

Opti-Nail® Fungal Nail Repair box

Proven formula that
results in healthier
looking nails

✔ Opti-Nail® is an easy-to-use cosmetic product that repairs the appearance of fungus-damaged nails

✔ Opti-Nail® has a clinically proven formula that penetrates the nail surface for results you can see quickly

The Opti-Nail®

Opti-Nail® Kerasal®
Starts Improving Nail
Appearance in Just 2 Days*
Precision Tip Pen
Dries Faster than the
Leading Brand
Contains a Special Nail

*Based on Kerasal published data and product label claim data.
Based on cosmetologist evaluation of drying time compared to leading brand.

Discover the unique brightening formula and no-mess pen applicator of Opti-Nail®

Opti-Nail® no mess applicator

Precision Tip
Pen Applicator

Opti-Nail® special brightening ingredient

Special Nail
Brightening Formula

Tips for Use

Opti-Nail® delivers a thin layer of powerful solution that quickly absorbs into the nail surface. Nail will have a visible shine which quickly fades as the solution dries. As long as you see some shine, you’ve applied enough.

✔ Place tip of pen on nail surface and press down to dispense.

✔ Apply a thin layer to fungus-damaged toenail(s) twice daily.

✔ Nail appearance keeps improving with use!

✔ Apply twice a day for 4 weeks, then once a day as needed to maintain look.