2 Benefits in 1 with
opti-nail® 2-in-1!

The only product that

1. Improves nail Appearance

2. Kills fungus on skin around nails

  • ✔ Starts improving nail appearance in Just 2 Days
  • ✔ Clinically proven to cure & prevent Fungal Infections*

*Restores skin health and cures most athletes foot

Opti-Nail® 2-in-1 pen
Opti-Nail® 2-in-1 Fungal Nail Repair + Antifungal box

1 Improves Nail

Fungal Nail Repair Formula results in clear, healthier looking nails starting in Just 2 Days!

✔ Lightens

✔ Smooths

✔ Moisturizes

apply Opti-Nail® 2-in-1 directly to nail

Apply Directly
on Nail

2 Kills fungus under and
around the nail

Maximum Strength Antifungal (1% Tolnaftate) kills fungus on skin around the nail and is clinically proven to cure & prevent fungal infections

✔ Kills Fungus

✔ Stops Itching & Burning

✔ Restores Skin Health & Cures Most Athlete’s Foot

apply Opti-Nail® 2-in-1 to skin around nail

Apply to Skin
Around Nail

Opti-Nail® 2-in-1 pen

Unique Dual
Chamber Design

✔ Contains Fungal Nail Repair Formula AND Maximum Strength Antifungal

✔ Color Coded for ease of use